One Weird Trick to Lose Weight & Get Healthy!

Why is it so hard to lose weight? Probably because we make it a miserable experience! When we’re overweight, we’re lethargic and movement can be difficult. And food? Don’t even get me started on all the crazy food restrictions people impose on themselves…

When I started my new health journey, I knew I couldn’t do the standard stuff. I couldn’t go back to the crazy fad diets of my childhood. I didn’t want supplements and pills. I wanted something that would actually work!

So I decided my first step had to be an unusual one.

why is losing weight so hard

I’m an emotional eater. I never really learned how to handle my emotions productively, so I eat them. If I’m feeling angry, I’ll eat chocolate. Sad? It’s always Cheez-Its. Anxious? That’s pizza. If I’m bored, I’ll eat just about anything in the house.

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that much of this eating is mindless. I’ll eat an entire box of Cheez-Its or a bag of chips without even really tasting it.

Several months ago, I attended therapy for what I thought was an unrelated issue. When my therapist asked how I felt about food, my response was immediate and enthusiastic.

“Oh, I LOVE food!!!”

“Do you REALLY?” she asked.

“If you really loved food,” she explained, “you would savor it. Think about how you treat something you love. You would choose it carefully, cook it and savor it. You wouldn’t just scarf it. You wouldn’t eat so much or so fast that you couldn’t taste it. You would make it an experience and enjoy every minute of it.”

I had never thought that before. My mind was blown!

why is it so hard to lose weight

This really resonated with me. What would my life look like if I only ate food I really enjoyed? Instead of mindlessly eating everything on my plate (or in my box), what if I stopped when I was no longer savoring it? What if I focused on only eating what and how much food I enjoyed, instead of focusing on depriving myself of the fattening foods I love?

Instead of being a miserable negative, suddenly this weight loss journey looked like an empowering positive (and a really good excuse to get some alfredo and maybe even some cheesecake).

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Because we focus on the negatives
and make it a miserable experience!

This time, I’m not going to make that mistake. This time, I’m going to keep it positive. This time, it’s going to work!

This time, I’m choosing an unusual first step.

Instead of committing to eating healthier or even eating less, I’m going to simply commit to only eating food I truly love – and only eating as much of it as I can really enjoy. <3



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