Health, Weight Loss & More Things I Don’t Like to Talk About

“Health” and “Weight Loss” are two topics that make me cringe. I’ve wrestled with my weight since I was a child… and eventually, I just resolved that I’d rather be fat and happy than a skinny witch. This philosophy worked pretty well for me… until yesterday.

I grew up in a very size-obsessed family and I was constantly on diets. I think I tried just about every diet trend on the planet by the time I moved out at 17.

Some of my more memorable adventures include bringing Jenny Craig’s pre-packaged food to middle school (NOT a good idea, by the way)… gagging down a glass of grapefruit before and after every meal for months during my Freshman year of high school…  :\

grapefruit diet
Grapefruit is the literal worst.

At 17, I moved out and got married. I gained a lot of weight, partially due to pregnancy but also because my food intake wasn’t being closely monitored 24/7. I rebelled against my childhood and ate every forbidden thing. I packed on over 100 pounds during my first pregnancy!

I never looked back. I stopped trying… and the results are obvious.

I’m unable to keep up with my kids and I can feel my health declining. It’s getting harder to move. I’m uncomfortable. I can’t deny the truth – I need to make a change.

It isn’t about beauty. It isn’t even about weight loss. It’s about health and physical ability.

So, I want to get healthy…

…but I dread the process.

So what do I do?

I’ve tried fad diets. I’m not doing that again. I’ve also tried supplements, pills and other solutions. I’m not interested in doing that either.

I need two things:

  1. A new, realistic weight loss approach that will work for me
  2. Accountability to keep me motivated

Thus, this site.

I’ve been thinking about starting Change the Diaper of Life! for years… but it seems appropriate to do it now when I’m getting ready to make yet another major life change.

Read my <a href=””>health</a> posts or just follow our Facebook page to follow my journey to a healthier life!

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