I’ll never forget that moment. It was mid-summer, just after our second anniversary. My husband had been medically discharged from the US Army just a few weeks before. We had moved 3,000 miles and now we were jobless and nearly homeless. We were running out of options. We were running out of money. We were running out of energy. We were running out of time.

It seemed that everything was falling apart around us. I was tired, overwhelmed, grumpy, unhappy. I was tired of fighting, tired of the struggle, tired of trying. I was downright soul-weary.

We were sitting in the car, talking through our limited choices once again. Our composure was fraying and tempers were flaring…

…when our very young son loudly filled his diaper in the backseat.

I pulled him from his car seat and laid him across the back of the car for a diaper change. I was frustrated, yanking wipes from the tiny package, when my husband walked up beside me and remarked, “You know what we need to do?

We need to change the diaper of life!”

It was so ridiculous, I just had to laugh…

and as soon as I laughed, I felt better…

and as soon as I felt better, I was able to think clearly…

and as soon as I could think clearly, I was able to find solutions…

and as soon as I was able to find solutions, everything improved.

Within just a few weeks, we had new jobs, a new apartment in a swanky new neighborhood and a new outlook on life. We received help from so many unlikely sources. Everything just came together! It was miraculous!

And it all began with a little bit of ridiculousness… a little bit of laughter… and a lot of change.

It’s been 10 years since that day.

We’re older and somewhat wiser now. I’m still married to the same goofy guy but, instead of just one little boy, we now have five rambunctious kids. We own our own home and I run a successful online business… but we’ve used this lesson over and over again to change and transform our lives for the better.

Now, we’re sharing that message with you.

Join us on our journey to being our best selves. Welcome to Diaper of Life! 🙂