A ‘Frozen’ Birthday Party {Without a Royal Budget}

My little princess has been looking forward to a Frozen party since she first saw the movie in theaters… but I was dreading the royal spending that would likely accompany such an extravaganza. Although I found many, many wonderful ideas on Pinterest, many of them seemed far beyond my limited budget and creative talent. If you’re looking for a Frozen party plan that doesn’t require a royal budget, check out these ideas!

In the post below, you’ll notice that I’ve broken down the cost of each individual things. Just as an overall estimate, though, I spent approximately $26 on food, $11 on fun and games, and about $11 on decorations.

Frozen paty table
Wanna build a snowman?  😉


The food is always my favorite part. Lately, it also seems to be where I spend the most dough. I was worried that the kids would be disappointed with the limited snacking opportunities I provided, especially after our fantastic Skylanders and Pokémon parties this year. Nobody complained, though – in fact, they really enjoyed it! I spent about $26 putting this table together.

Olaf’s Noses 


I spent roughly $2 on a bag of snack-sized carrots. Just set them on the plate. Doesn’t get easier than that!

Elsa’s Snowballs 


Luckily, we were partying in October and I found marshmallows on clearance for $0.50 per bag! Even without the clearance deals, though, this would have been a very affordable snack.

Kisses to Thaw Anna’s Frozen Heart



A bag of Hershey’s kisses, poured onto a plate.

Arendelle Punch 



With only six kids in attendance, one 6-pack of Koolaid drinks was enough. These packs are $1 each at Walmart!

Kristoff’s Ice Blocks


To make Kristoff’s Ice Blocks, I simply prepared two packs of Berry Blue Jell-O and cut the Jell-O into squares immediately before serving.

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?



I had originally intended on passing out ‘Build-a-Snowman kits’ in Ziploc baggies, but I just didn’t like how it turned out. Instead, my sister-in-law let me use her amazing serving tray! We arranged marshmallows (part of Elsa’s snowballs), chocolate chips ($1/bag), pretzels ($1.50/bag), candy corn ($2/bag) and edible eyes ($3.50) in the tray. This free printable label from Happy Money Saver provided the finishing touch!

We Finish Each Other’s Sandwiches


I make these pinwheels for every party and I always look for a way to work them into the theme. To make them, I spread Ranch dressing on a tortilla and add deli meat, sliced cheese and lettuce. I roll it up and then slice it. I spent about $9 on these, and they took about 15 minutes to assemble.

The Cake

$Details Below


I learned one very important lesson while I was scrambling for last-minute cake decorations. If you’re throwing a Frozen party, absolutely do not wait until the last minute! Our party was on Saturday and I didn’t start shopping for cake decorations until Friday. Almost every store was sold out of their Frozen supplies. It’s a popular theme, y’all – don’t procrastinate like I did!!!

So, to make a long story short, the cake did not turn out how I’d intended… but it was alright. My daughter loved it anyway. I was lame and bought my cake instead of making it homemade this year. I spent about $15 on a delicious multi-colored rainbow cake.

Then, of course, I messed up the frosting on top… so I added a lot of sprinkles from a $2 container.

I finally tracked down blue rock candy at Party City. It was in the area where they organize supplies according to color. It was $2 per pack and I only needed one.

The finally touch was the Elsa figurine… which I couldn’t find any where. My husband found this snap toys in the toy section at Walmart for about $12 each, so we bought them as presents AND cake decorations! If you’d rather shop on Amazon, here’s the Anna figurine and the Elsa figurine. Although, for the same price as these together we could’ve bought this set that includes Olaf, which would’ve been so much cooler.

For lack of a better Olaf, I added these Frozen-themed candles that I bought on Amazon.



Since there’s no snow in Washington in October, we had to improvise. With a little help from Pinterest, we were able to build snowmen, have a snowball fight and pin the nose on Olaf! The base price for these activities was $7.50, but I made two batches of snow for a total of $11.


Fake Snow

$3.50 per batch

IMG_6172We made two batches of snow for six kids. To make it, I sent my older two outside with a bucket to mix four pounds of cornstarch with two cans of shaving cream! It was a mess – but they  had a blast! We packed up the snow in large Ziploc baggies, stored in the freezer and took it out when we were ready to party. It stored well and was a blast for the kiddos. It was very easy to spray off the driveway, too.

Snowball Fight


We had a great snowball fight using white balloons! The kids also enjoyed popping them when we were done, but that’s probably because I have a history of putting treats inside the balloons at our parties.
Elsa’s Secret Treats


My children would be completely confused if I didn’t hide some candy in some balloon at some point during the party, so I tucked Frozen-themed treats inside blue balloons for their popping pleasure. I spent $1 on a small pack of balloons and $2 on treats.

Pin the Nose on Olaf


My 3-year-old decided to be Olaf for Halloween, so he volunteered to wear his costume for sisters birthday party, too.

I simply printed this wonderful free printable from A Thrifty Mom and laminated it for our Olaf game. For the noses, I used Paint to erase everything but Olaf’s nose and printed several noses for the kids. The kids wanted to play this again… and again… and again… and again…


Since I saved so much money on the food and fun, I added some special decorations for Kayla’s party. In addition to my son who volunteered to be Olaf (his Halloween costume was $10 at Walmart), we had an Olaf poster (also available at Walmart), a table cloth (also available at Target) and a happy birthday banner (also available at Target).

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